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Sage software compatability - check with us first

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Feb 29, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Before you buy or upgrade hardware or software, check with us first!

Productive Financial Controller in a very busy job....


ok so, in early..booting up and will get cracking on my work and try to be out of here at 5pm. Lots to do. Busy busy. Dum-de-dum. Finally, okay log in, click on my Sage icon and off we go..... hold on, it's not letting me in. What the.....?>!?!>!!> 

Slightly concerned Financial Controller....Ring Ring...hey did anybody do anything on the network yesterday evening - I can't access my Sage software? (Heart racing, panic setting in).


IT Guru...Oh yeah we upgraded PC's and laptops to the latest operating systems. We also upgraded the server.


Unhappy Financial Controller...Fantastic??!?>!?!?! did anybody check with Envisage Cloud to see if our Sage software would work after the upgrades?


Slightly concerned IT Guru... Eh no, I didn't think of it. Is there a problem??


Very angry Financial Controller...AHHHHHHHHHHH! Very Loud Scream....


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Topics: Hardware and Software Compatibility

hardware and software compatibility

Posted by Brian Doherty on Aug 12, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Hardware and Software Compatibility...some of the pitfalls

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Topics: Hardware and Software Compatibility