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The thinking behind McConnections

Posted by Giuseppe Galligani on Jun 24, 2015 11:07:00 AM

Software for McDonalds Franchises

We take a look behind the scenes and chat with one of our development team about McConnections to find out a little more about the inspiration behind this software development project.


Interview with Giuseppe Galligani 

So, how did this idea come about?
This idea began about four years ago when we had the opportunity to meet with an established McDonald's Franchise owner about reviewing some of their internal administration processes. 

The problem was very clear. People were spending unncessary time doing manual data entry and reporting  tasks.  So, we spent quite a bit of time digging deep to unearth the real issues and to understand the industry, the processes and the bottlenecks. 

For me, solving problems is what I love to do. I get great pleasure from seeing the finished product and from seeing the reaction of the users when the software is installed and when they start to gain the benefits from using it on a day-to-day basis.

Did you know at that stage that McConnections would become a product that would go to market?
We were lucky because we were able to draw on previous knowledge and experience of having developed a Retail/EPOS integration solution called Connections. So, although the issues facing McDonalds franchises are unique in some ways, we could see lots of similarities between both types of business. 

Once we had all of the specifications drawn up for the development of this software, we were confident that we could deliver a simple but effective solution. So, to answer the question, yes we saw an opportunity to develop a software application that could be used by other McDonalds restaurants.

How did the development project go?
The project was aimed at solving the problems for the first McDonalds franchise owner and his administration staff. It was very much a consultative process which involved lots of input from this owner. We were able to adapt, modify and tweak the software at the early stages to ensure that the final product would hit the nail on the head.

I would say that there were further changes and modifications to be made to reflect the requirements of this customer, but we were very pleased to have had this level of customer engagement, enabling us to deliver a solution that was robust and that would solve the real issues for other McDonalds franchise owners.

What are your thoughts on the choice of back office software integration?
With our Connections product, we chose to integrate with Sage 50 and Sage 200 as we had a wide range of different styles of retail customers - some small, some quite large. With McConnections, we decided to standardise our integration, so all of our customers are running Sage 50 integrated with McConnections.

Why do you think the uptake has been so good?
I am completely biased here, but the software is simple to use and does the job very well. It cuts out hours of manual work that would otherwise be required to:
a) transfer sales data into accounting system 
b) manually input supplier invoices
c) handle queries (and credits)
d) prepare and compile month end and head office reports

The savings are very clear and because we offer a pay monthly model, the solution is highly cost effective and delivers a real return on investment. 

I supposed the real test would be if we tried to take back the software from any of our customers. Would they revert back to their manual methods? I think it would get a similar reaction if you were to take back a smart phone and replace it with an "old-fashioned" mobile phone! 

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