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Solving the paper problem

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Aug 19, 2014 10:12:23 AM


Time for electronic filing?

Let’s face it – we love to be surrounded by paper. Everywhere we look, there are lever arch files bulging with paper, paper in filing cabinets, copy invoices and copies of copies stored neatly in the dedicated filing room. Maybe now it is time to let the paper go?

Try answering a few quick questions to help us figure out if you have a paper problem…

  • How many documents get lost or mis-filed?
  • Is your office cluttered with piles of documents from accounts, sales and other departments?
  • How much time does your staff spend walking around the building searching for paperwork?
  • How often do your accounts team get asked for documents by other departments?
  • How good would it be to access relevant documents without having to leave your desk?
  • What about the environment – how friendly is your company?

If your answers as follows:

  • Lots, too many
  • YES
  • Lots, hours
  • Often, very often, all the time, few times a day
  • Great, fantastic
  • Could be friendlier, not so friendly,

…then you may indeed have a paper problem.

If you are using Sage 200 accounting software, then we can help solve your paper problem.

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