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Posted by Sinead Hayes on Dec 16, 2014 12:36:01 PM

What is Social CRM?



Social CRM is about using modern social networking tools and integrating them into your business processes.


CRM is traditionally about managing relationships with customers, prospects, suppliers and other contacts. It’s about using a central database to store all of the relevant contact and engagement details. It’s about collaborating across departments and being able to see what’s happening with a customer from different perspectives.

So, Jones & Co may be an excellent customer because they have done a lot of business with us in the past 12 months, but his aged debt has gone a little out of control and he phones 10 times a day with customer service issues. With no CRM system, you may find it tricky to put your finger on the pulse. With a CRM system (and even better with an integrated CRM/Finance system), the picture should be very clear.



Now, let’s add in some Social Media interaction. Many SME’s who are active on social media may not have a particular strategy in mind or may not be using Social Media to listen to what’s being said out there about their brands or their products. Using social media can have endless possibilities for your business, but below are some of the more obvious ones:

1) You are getting your brand “out there”.

2) You can start to share interesting and engaging content that will be of potential value to your followers.

3) You can easily expand your reach – so the more people following you, the more people you can share your messages/updates with.

4) You can listen to what’s being said about your company, your brand, your products and so you can react, particularly if the feedback is negative.



So, let’s go back to the original question. Social CRM is about combining your social interactions into your business processes. For example, negative feedback on Twitter could be picked up within your CRM application and then a customer service call could be logged and tracked within CRM.

Similarly, somebody on Social Media looking for a product or service that you offer, could then create a lead to be qualified as part of the sales workflow process.

Social CRM can help you become the type of company that listens, engages, interacts and learns from customers in real-time.

If you would like to learn more about Social CRM and explore how it improves lead generation and increases sales, download the Sage Social CRM e-book here.

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