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Sage CRM Webinar

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Apr 15, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Sage CRM for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service


Whether you are looking to automate sales processes so that you can get things done more efficiently, or need a better way of managing your lead generation and marketing or want to improve your communications, collaboration and customer service...then we may just have the answer....but first...


Common Questions about CRM

What does CRM mean? 

It stands for Customer Relationship Management, but I like to think of it as a mixture between a diary, a personal organiser, a communications & collaboration tool, a contact database and a best friend. All the things you do on a daily basis that relate to interacting with customers, prospective customers, suppliers and partners can be managed using a customer relationship mangement tool. After using it for 1 month, I would say most people would have a difficulty reverting back to "old ways". 

Then depending on what your business/organisation does, you can take advantage of the sales tools, marketing tools and customer service tools to help you achieve a 360 degree view of the whole business.

It's about storing all the information you and your colleagues have gathered, so that it can be shared throughout the company/organisation and used to generate more leads, convert more opportunities to sales, conduct marketing campaigns, organise your documents & communications and improve customer service.

Why should I use a CRM system?

It's probably best to try to answer the questions below and see how you get on:

1) Where do most of our leads/enquiries come from (i.e. Google Searches, Marketing Campaigns, Events, Website etc)?

2) Can you easily do a search for all customers who have Product XYZ but don't have Product ABC?

3) Can you tell why you have lost business over the past year?

4) What revenue can you expect to come in this month, this quarter?

5) Is your marketing effort working?

6) Can you produce all of your correspondence with customer ABC for the past 6 months, across the entire team?

I could keep going, but the idea is that by using a central database enquiries, reports and dashboards should provide you with the information you need. To gather the above information without the right tool, could prove to be long winded and costly.


Should I integrate my CRM system with my finance system?

That's a matter of choice - it's not necessary as most systems will work stand-alone. However, integrating with your finance system means that you don't have any unnecessary duplication and it helps to keep your customer database in tact. A change in one system will update the other, so there is no danger of having a few versions of the same data!!!


Sage CRM Webinar

If this topic is of interest and you would like to know more about how  Sage CRM could benefit your business, why not join our webinar on 16th of April from 10 am to 11am.

Click on the image below for more information and to register for the webinar...


Sage CRM Webinar - April 2015


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