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Sage CRM - driving efficiency in distribution businesses

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Apr 8, 2015 9:30:00 AM

7 distribution companies who are more efficient thanks to Sage CRM



For Distribution Companies, having a centralised system where everybody is sharing information makes complete sense. 

Let's take a typical example....

Patrick runs a mid sized distribution company. 

Patricks' role is MD, but he is also the Sales Director in the company, responsible for generating new business and opening new accounts. He also runs a small team of 5 sales reps who cover different regions. As the MD, Patrick also needs to know exactly what's happening across the entire business from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Stock, Purchasing & Finance.

Séan is the customer Account Manager, responsible for maintaining relationships, upselling and cross-selling to existing customers. Séan has one other colleague who assists him in making appointments and following up with quotations.

Paula runs the Finance Department and keeps a close eye on cash flow, profitability, incoming sales opportunities, stock on hand, as well as managing a small team of three people who look after Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Paula also needs to see what's happening in other departments such as sales forecasts for the month and the impact this will have on stock and cash flow over the coming months.

Jack runs the warehouse. He makes sure orders are delivered on time and that he has the stock to fulfill the demand. He keeps a tight control on stock, lead times and purchase orders/due deliveries. Any delays must be communicated to the customer.

Monica looks after marketing. She works hard to ensure that she maximises her lead conversions. She uses lead nurturing before passing leads over to her colleagues in sales. She then keeps a close eye to ensure that any leads she passes over to the sales team are efficiently followed up and actioned. 

Sarah is the Customer Service Manager. Her role is to ensure that customers are getting the best possible service. She works closely with each department manager as a problem at any stage could negatively impact on the customer's impression and satisfaction with the company. Queries are logged and followed up and monitored by Sarah so that nothing slips through the net. Paula and Patrick both keep a close eye on customer service and loyalty.


Patrick and his team use Sage CRM integrated with Sage 200 accounting software to help them see how they are doing across the business. He not only knows what's happening now but he is prepared for what's coming (opportunities as well as potential problems and challenges) and takes the appropriate action quickly and efficiently..



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