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Sage 50 V2012 End of Life

Posted by Sinead Hayes on May 26, 2015 10:05:40 AM

Sage 50 Version 2012 End of Life

As with most things we have come to love and cherish, they can't always last forever. As brilliant as Sage 50 Version 2012 is, I am sad to say it is coming close to it's official "End of Life". 


Firstly, don't worry, your Sage 50 Version 2012 is not about to explode any time soon. The End of Life Policy basically means the following:

From end of April 2016, Sage 50 V2012 will no longer be supported.

What does this mean?

Once support has been withdrawn, users will no longer be able to avail of upgrade pricing. If you decide to upgrade after the cut-off date, you would then pay full price for the software.

Your software will cause problems when it comes to upgrading your PC's  - For example, Sage 50 Version 2012 is not supported on Windows 8.

Sage 50 V2012 will not be compliant with any new legislative changes that may come into effect


Sage 50 V2015

Upgrading to Sage 50 Version 2015 brings lots of additional benefits including:

  • Automated back-ups
  • Shared Data (cloud storage ideal for remote workers/accountant)
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • New Accounts Tracker App
  • New Mobile Sales App

Click below to view overview video of Sage 50 V2015




We have a fantastic offer for Sage 50 V2012 customers looking to upgrade before 30th of June 2015. Get in touch to arrange a quotation.


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