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Sage 200 Reporting

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Mar 16, 2015 4:26:00 PM

Help is at hand - with a range of Sage 200 Reporting tools


Sometimes we expect that what goes in must come back out, but it's not always the case. Often there is so much information, it is not always obvious where to go to find what you are looking for!

Below is a simple rule-of-thumb guide to help users know where to look to find the information needed.


1) Sage 200 Reports

Here you have an extensive range of "out-of-box" reports available to use. You can customise them or using the Report Designer, you can create a report from scratch. Handy to use for general accounts users to do daily tasks such as credit control (aged reporting), daybook reports, audit trails, transaction listings etc. 

If you need to have a custom report designed, remember that all customers with the Sage 200 Services standard subscription are entitled to receive 3 custom reports per annum. 


2)  Financial Layouts

The Financial Layouts - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow can be produced using the simple Financal Layouts tool. You can easily customise the financial layouts to incorporate your own nominal structure. 


3) Workspaces

Workspaces were introduced a couple of versions ago and with the new Version 2015, reporting has never been easier with 70 out of box reports available, all of which contain role based information in a simple, easy-to-use format.  Workspaces are highly visual, easily customisable, web enabled and easy to integrate with external sources such as Online Maps, CAD systems, Stock Images etc.

Workspaces are very handy for all types of users ranging from data processors to sales people out on the field. Workspaces are also great to use in situations where Purchase Order approvals are required, where Manager's can view/approve/reject PO's while out and about. Similarly, your sales team could use Workspaces to check stock availability or pricing when dealing with a potential sale.


Sage 200 Workspaces


4) List Views

List Views have been around for a while but are as popular as ever. List Views are available throughout and they contain key information that can be sorted and filtered. The new searching facility on V 2015 makes it very easy to find a record from the list view. 


5) Enquiry Screens

All modules come with standard enquiry screens. These provide the day-to-day information to keep track of the business. Each enquiry comes with the handy option to send the data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis (if required).


6) New Excel Reporting 

This new option is available for all types of users looking to do further analysis in Excel. So, for example the Nominal Accounts static dataset includes the month and year to date balances and thus provides more data than the existing standard report "List of Accounts". The Excel reporting tool enables you quickly extract data with a single click and then slice/dice the information with pre-defined filters and slicers, format, pivot and run deeper analysis. New reports created can then be uploaded back into Sage 200. It is simple to set up and use.


Sage 200 Excel Reporting


7) Business Intelligence

The Sage BI Business Analysis tool comes with cubes displaying Financial data, Commercial data, Project Accounting data. There are over 60 pre-defined reports available as standard. This is the ideal tool for Financial Controllers who are looking to get more in-depth analysis and to view data from different perspectives. BI is great for analysing data by highlighting trends, anomalies and performance over time. For example, the Aged Debt cube enables you monitor how the age of the debt is increasing or decreasing period to period or identify customers who regularly have overdue invoices.You can keep your data refreshed and distribute reports via scheduled tasks. 


8) New Summary Pages

Summary Pages is a web enabled enquiry tool that provides a visual representation of data in charts and tables. It covers 4 key areas: Sales, Purchases, Financials and Sales Orders. Ideal for Financial Controllers looking to get a snapshot of the Financials e.g. cash in the bank, over/under nominal budgets. Summary Pages are intuitive and interactive with the ability to drill-down for further analysis. 


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