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Project Costing made simple

Posted by Ray Ryan on Feb 19, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Using the right tools for the job 

project costing tools

I have seen countless situations where Project Managers are Financial Controllers are literally pulling their hair out because they are continuously chasing their tails to keep track of everything. Have I missed anything, am I waiting on expenses and timesheets, did my suppliers all send in their invoices? How can I be sure I have got the right picture of the costs and profitability? It's a lot to deal with if you don't have an organised way of keeping track of everything. 

Spreadsheets have their place but when it comes to managing projects, they are not necessarily the best tool for the job. 

We decided to put together an e-book with our Top 10 Project Costing "Must Haves". So, whether you are managing projects or keeping track of the finances, this e-book should be useful. 

To download your copy, click below: 

Download Project Accounting Ebook - Blog


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