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Online Software or On Premise?

Posted by Ray Ryan on Oct 30, 2014 2:23:00 PM

Which option is better?

We all know how fast the cloud has entered our world and changed it. We are all using cloud computing in some shape or form, not just in business but in our personal lives as well. We have come to accept it as a way of doing things and in the business context, it is definitely gaining momentum.

But why now?

Well for the past number of years, many businesses and organisations in Ireland were trying to cut costs and keep expenditure to a minimum. I have noticed that investing in hardware has generally been low on the priority list for many SME’s. Likewise, many businesses held back on upgrading/changing their in-house systems such as accounting software or CRM software. This made sense as a “cost cutting strategy”, but if you are looking to get back on track and grow your business, then having the correct software systems and technologies in place will help you get there quicker.

2014 has marked a turn in economic conditions in Ireland and this meant that a couple of things:

1)      Businesses are beginning to grow again

2)      Business owners and IT staff are realising that they need to re-invest in their technology and systems

But, due to the lack of upkeep and upgrades over the past few years, sometimes it’s not just that simple (or cost effective) to upgrade everything – what may seem like a small job suddenly becomes a much bigger investement. PC’s running XP need to be replaced; servers may be old and not capable of supporting new software applications and so you get into that spiral of compatibility between hardware and software. For more details on this, visit our "Is cloud beginning to reign" blog post http://info.envisagecloud.com/blog/is-cloud-software-beginning-to-reign

So, it is at this time that many businesses are facing this dilemma for the first time:

a)      “Should I go out and buy a new server/PC's and then upgrade my accounting software, CRM software or other business productivity tools?”


b)      “Maybe I could look at putting my business or part of my business in the cloud”.

The possibility of going online has become a real contender for these businesses who have reached this crossroad. But which option is best isn’t clear cut and there are quite a few things to consider, so doing some homework is essential before making that decision.

Why not download our Guide “The pros and cons of online versus on premise business software” and hopefully this will help you come to your own conclusion.


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