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Go-to Guide for Effective Selling [free e-book]

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Apr 30, 2015 6:00:00 PM

more effective selling - all you need to know

This e-book provides insights to Sales Managers and Owners of Small and Medium Sized business as to how they can sell more..... The authors are from the ASG Group and are global leaders in sales performance management. 

The e-book focuses on practical challenges so each tip includes a checklist, prompt or tool that you can apply to your own business. 


It poses some interesting questions to really get you thinking and it includes a range of sales-related topics such as:

Sales Leads - could you sell more if you had more high quality leads? Even a small boost in lead generation could result in big increases in sales. Do you know how many leads it takes to generate one sale in your business? This ration of leads to sales give you incredibly valuable information.

The Tools - you cannot manage lead generation through the use of spreadsheets, mailing lists or business card holder - but it is surprising how many organisations attempt to do just that. Without the right tools, you could be paying the penalty in terms of lost leads and ultimately lost sales.

Nurturinghave you adopted a lead nurturing mind-set? So, what happens when you receive a lead or when a sales person hangs up the phone... what next?

How effective are lists? What lists should you be using? What constitutes a good/bad list?

Sales Calls - how can you maximise the effectivenss of your sales calls? Simply doing more calls is just not enough.

Do you have the information you need to make high quality sales calls? This e-book looks into areas such as information deficit and making a good first impression on your customer.


This e-book also includes some tips to help you deal with sales queries and objections as well as some questions to help you carry out a mini audit of your needs.

There is lots of food for thought in this e-book, so it is well worth a read. Read it all in one-go, or keep it close by and dip in and out as and when the need arises.

Happy Reading and more importantly Happy Sellinghappy_face_pink

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