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Cloud technology - will my data be secure?

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Aug 19, 2014 10:21:45 AM

In this blog post, we explore some of the issues/concerns that small and medium sized businesses have when it comes to their data.


Keeping your data where you can see it


It is not surprising that there is still some reluctance to put data into the cloud. Many small and medium sized businesses have become accustomed to having PC’s, servers, storage devices and tapes. To be able to see, feel and touch your data is something that gives comfort to business owners and IT managers. The data, a combination of accounts, prospects, payroll and other sensitive information is private and it certainly would not want to end up in the wrong hands. Without doubt, there is a lot to be said for these traditional methods.

But traditional methods are not without their flaws


They rely on humans to make sure processes are followed and they can sometimes be ad hoc in nature. Having a back-up tape is one thing, knowing that the data has been backed up properly is a different thing. What is a disaster arises, can you be sure that your data is in tact?

Moving to the cloud


Moving to the cloud is not such a giant leap, as many businesses have already begun to deploy some level of cloud technology in their business. Online data back-ups are probably one of the most common forms of cloud applications used in small businesses along with other document storage applications such as Drop Box, Office 365 or Google Drive. Cloud is also a popular choice when it comes to CRM Software and indeed online accounting software. SageOne is an example of a small business accounting application, designed for start-ups and sole traders, which has rapidly increased its market share over the past three years. Why? Because it is secure, easy to use and offers small businesses a simple solution to manage their finances. No need to worry about cables, servers and back-up tapes.

Data security involves a combination of techniques including encryption, authentication and authorisation, so with all of this in place, there should be no need to worry. 


Is my data secure online?


If considering an online software solution, here are some questions you may wish to consider:

1) Where is my data held?
2) What security standards are in place?
3) What is the guarantee in terms of uptime in the service agreement?
4) What is the term of my contract?
5) Can I cancel my contract?
6) Are upgrades included in the contract?
7) How often is my data backed up?
8) Can I get my data back if I cancel my contract?

So, while the struggle between traditional and online will continue for quite some time and while Cloud may not be the best option for every business, it is inevitable that cloud will become the preferred option for storing data in the future.

If you are looking for a cloud accounting solution and need some further reassurance about your data security, check out the Sage 200 Online video above which deals specifically with the security aspect of this online software solution.

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