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10 valuable nuggets for businesses considering a merger

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Oct 15, 2014 2:39:00 PM

SME Growth 

Mergers are not just for the big guys with rather large bulging pockets. With our staggering number of start-ups and small businesses in Ireland, it makes sense that a merger would be on the radar for many SME's looking at ways to expand their businesses.

But merging two businesses needs careful planning and consideration

There are lots of pieces in the merger jigsaw including:

  • people - banks, solicitors, accountants, stakeholders, employees
  • systems - accounting software, CRM, other software and internal systems
  • location - where, when?
  • logistics  - when, how?
  • communications  - timing
  • finance  - who, what, how?
  • marketing - why, how, who, where, when?

But what you don't need is any hair-pulling.........



....you just need to be focused and keep you eye on the end goal. 

If you are an SME considering a merger or are right in the middle of one, then why not download our e-book, which provides 10 useful nuggets of wisdom from our very own MD Peter Bergin, who talks about his experience completing our recent merger. 

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